About us_



HANYING is an independent jewellery designer brand based in London. The collections are inspired by the traditional Japanese aesthetics, Wabi-sabi: an imperfect, impermanent and incomplete beauty.

The designer tries to combine the traditional oriental visual language and the classical European women in Antique portraits of the 19th to 20th century, especially the metaphoric elements of femininity like the symbol of snake, the doll’s head, little mermaid, moth, and butterfly.

Our design aims to bind different shapes’ natural pearls and the western female symbols in the romantic period. 



The brand was founded in London, England in 2019.

It was a brand that HANYING started while studying at the London College of Fashion. During her freshman and sophomore years, her works were published in magazines such as VOGUE HongKong, Marie Claire China, and L'Officiel Singapore.

Moreover, in 2019, he was invited by the stylist of the veteran British band Westlife to design a brooch for the four members' "The Twenty Tour" global tour. This was an opportunity for the establishment of the brand.

HANYING not only cooperates with overseas stars, but also Chinese stars such as Zhao Liying, Shu Qi, and Dilraba to attend important occasions. It is worth mentioning that the experience of interning in the Simone Rocha design department has brought a feminine and romantic influence to HANYING's style.

After dropping out of the Royal College of Art in 2021, HANYING began to frequently participate in Paris Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week. The brand is greatly appreciated by European and Asian customers.

Additionally, her collections have a distinctly modern romanticism and incomplete beauty. Its design inspiration mainly comes from Japanese traditional aesthetics- Wabi-sabi. which gives her works a sense of ephemerality, incompleteness, decadence, death and rebirth. this is unique